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Christine received her BA in psychology in New York where she was born.  She moved to Denver to pursue her MSW and worked as a clinical social worker for 14 years.  After a diagnosis of breast cancer in 2000, Christine began studying photography.  This proved to be an outlet for the conflicting emotions around her diagnosis and treatment. Christine’s self portraits became the basis for a series of work entitled “i Of The Beholder.”  These portraits of women with breast cancer are as beautiful as they are difficult.  Christine approaches this disease in a direct manner which simultaneously pulls you in as it causes you to step back.  Photographs from this series have won several awards, been published in magazines and have been shown in various locations in New York, Connecticut, California and Peru.

Christine lives in Huntington, NY and is co-owner of ART(that matters) in Huntington, NY.

More recently, Christine has begun to explore working in encaustics and acrylics and combining photography with these mediums.  
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